About Us

LATIN AMERICA SALES COMPANY INC. (LASCO) is a U.S.-based corporation that represents manufacturers of quality parts in the heavy-duty trucks and trailers industry.

Acerca de nosotros

LATIN AMERICA SALES COMPANY INC. (LASCO), es una corporación con sede en EE. UU. que representa a fabricantes de piezas de calidad en la industria de camiones pesados y remolques.

Latin America Sales Company Inc. (LASCO)

Latin America Sales Company Inc is a U.S. corporation that represents manufacturers of heavy equipment parts for the heavy truck and trailer industry.

LASCO focuses on the needs of three
important stakeholders in the industry.

Component manufacturer

Component manufacturers benefit from our experienced team, providing comprehensive support at every stage of the international sales process, thus avoiding costly challenges in export activities.

Parts distributors

Distributors gain access to brands whose quality and reputation have been verified by LASCO, ensuring secure and high-quality purchasing options.

End users

End users enjoy quick and personalized access to technical information in their language and cultural context.


We serve the regions of the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.


Atendemos a las regiones del Caribe, América Central, México, América del Sur, Australia, Nueva Zelanda y Sudáfrica.

Heavy-duty truck parts and components

At LASCO, we take pride in being a reliable source of diesel parts and heavy-duty truck components. We work closely with industry-leading manufacturers to provide a wide range of quality parts to meet our customers’ needs.

Specialized team

Our highly trained and dedicated team is ready to provide exceptional service to our customers. We strive to offer customized solutions, expert technical guidance, and rapid response times to ensure customer satisfaction at every stage of the process.

Lasco Team

Trust LASCO as your reliable partner in acquiring heavy equipment and heavy-duty truck parts. We are committed to service excellence and delivering quality products to keep your equipment running reliably and efficiently.

Latin America Sales Company