Services for Manufacturers

At LASCO, we offer manufacturers various tools so that they can have the confidence to offer their products to an export market, which may be unknown if they do not have the experience, professionalism, and knowledge of the market that LASCO offers.

Manage a country’s or region’s distribution network such that maximum sales penetration is achieved without jeopardizing existing distribution networks or otherwise over-distributing a brand in any given country.

Assist the manufacturer with accounts receivables and collections to ensure that language barriers or poor collection practices do not influence payment lag times or collection success rates.

Guide the manufacturer with regards to important documents necessary for exporting products outside the USA (Examples: C-TPAT, CAFTA-DR, USA-Australia FTA, NAFTA, SLI, ISPM-15 certificates, etc)

Share the manufacturer’s technical know-how and data so that a distributor may provide, in the most educated way possible, relevant and correct technical information to end users.

Help in translating technical bulletins from English so that distributors and end-users may have access to relevant information in a locally relevant technical jargon.

Help manufacturers furnish their distributors the newest and most accurate technical product information provided by the manufacturer.

Provide manufacturer constant feedback on new products being sought after in export markets with the goal of potentially launching those products as new part numbers in the future.

Provide manufacturer with order placement services as well as providing quotes; and follow up on these using LASCO’s CRM tools.

Keep manufacturer informed on the status of quote requests, sales calls and transactions via LASCO’s CRM tools

Share market and distributor-specific intelligence with manufacturer to help the manufacturer determine if a distributor or potential distributor should enjoy commercial credit terms or not.

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